Current membership includes a global community of investigators, representing 32 institutions from 4 countries, and from multiple specialties including pediatric critical care medicine, pediatric neurology, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric anesthesia, and pediatric rehabilitation medicine. 

The membership has an extensive track-record of publishing within the field of pediatric neurocritical care, and several members sit on the Editorial Boards of leading medical journals.  All of the members share a common passion for research that will ultimately lead to improved neurocritical care for children.

New members are welcomed, with membership being open to all physicians and medical professionals who focus on pediatric neurocritical care in their daily work.

To enquire about membership please contact

Executive Committee Chair: Jose A. Pineda, MD, MSc
Scientific Review Subcommittee Chair: Michael Bell, MD
Bioinformatics Subcommittee Chair: Mark Wainwright, MD, PhD
Neuro-Biodepository Subcommittee Chair: David Limbrick, MD, PhD
Translational Biology Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Courtney Robertson, MD & Hulya Bayir, MD
Councilors: David Adelson, MD, David Warner, MD and Patrick Kochanek, MD


Our Research

Good quality research will be
fundamental to reshape clinical
practice and further define the
field of Pediatric Neurocritical Care.