Past Projects


Pediatric Neurocritical Care Symposium: Field to Follow-up.
April 2022

  • Hosted by St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine
  • Children are more likely than not to survive critical illness, but with a wide variety of functional outcomes. Care at any point from pre-hospital admission to post-discharge follow-up can impact these long-term outcomes. This free virtual symposium brings together multidisciplinary providers from across the entire care continuum to discuss optimizing neurocritical care as we all work together to ultimately reintegrate children back into their home, school, and communities.

Disorders of Consciousness, a mini symposium:
September 14th 1-4pm MT 2021

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Jose I Suarez, past NCS president
  • Nina F Schor, deputy Director NINDS
  • Beth Slomine, Pediatric Neuropsychologist JHU
  • Nino Ramirez, Director of the Center for Integrative Brain Research
  • Seattle Children’s and Erika Molteni, School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences, King’s College London

The speakers will be followed by open discussion and question session. The objective is to bring together a diverse and multidisciplinary group of individuals to optimize and accelerate the science of recovery of consciousness and to increase awareness within the pediatric neurocritical care community of the CuringComa Campaign.

Outcomes Virtual Mini-Symposium:
Held February 16th 2021

  • Evaluating and Treating Post-Intensive Care Syndrome: Building Toward Standardized Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Collaborative Research
  • featured an excellent discussion of the assessment of clinical outcomes in children recovering from critical illness.  The conference highlighted four successful program models for providing post-ICU care, and also focused on cognitive and developmental assessments in multidisciplinary post-ICU clinics. Recorded video of the conference will be available on the member page.