Pediatric Neurocritical Care Research Group


Pediatric Neurocritical Care Research Group (PNCRG) is dedicated to performing clinical and preclinical studies aimed at optimizing functional outcomes for critically ill children with neurological conditions.

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PNCRG is a truly international and multi-specialty organization.  All of the members share a common passion for research that will ultimately lead to improved neurocritical care for children.  Membership is open to physicians, scientists,  and other healthcare professionals who are involved with related research and/or the treatment and care of pediatric neurocritical patients.

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There is an ever increasing need for quality research in the field of pediatric neurocritical care.  PNCRG is committed to meeting this need by performing studies that will help improve pediatric neurocritical care for years to come.

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PNCRG Spring Virtual Meeting!

The spring PNCRG meeting will be held virtually on March 9th  beginning at 10am ET, and promises to be a great opportunity to learn about and discuss current advances in pediatric neurocritical care.  A Zoom link will be provided via email to the membership, or contact us for login details!

Recent Projects:

Outcomes Virtual Mini-Symposium

Evaluating and Treating Post-Intensive Care Syndrome: Building Toward Standardized Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Collaborative Research

Our mini-symposium was held virtually on February 16th, 12-5p ET, and featured an excellent discussion of the assessment of clinical outcomes in children recovering from critical illness.  The conference highlighted four successful program models for providing post-ICU care, and also focused on cognitive and developmental assessments in multidisciplinary post-ICU clinics. Recorded video of the conference will be available on the member page.

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The GCS-Covid-Peds Study 

A multicenter, multinational cohort observational study to document prevalence and severity of neurological symptoms and outcomes among patients younger than 18 years old admitted to the hospital with confirmed or presumed COVID19

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Practice Recommendations for Transcranial Doppler Ultrosonography

To improve consistency, optimize safety and efficacy, and provide for meaningful and reproducible results in clinical care and research, the PNCRG TCD subgroup has prepared A multidisciplinary expert consensus statement on the use of TCD in critically ill children.